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Upcoming events

    • 29 Apr 2024
    • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Crowne Plaza 801 Greenwich Ave, Warwick, RI 02886
    • 14

    We are looking forward to seeing you on  April 29, 2024, for RIPHA’s second annual Public Health Summit. The Rhode Island Public Health Association, in collaboration with the Rhode Island Department of Health, is honored to host this one-day conference. 

    Our primary goal is to provide an engaging opportunity for focused dialog on Health Equity and improving Community Health. It will be an opportunity to explore innovative approaches in public health, featuring speakers who will share their expertise on health equity and public health.

    This conference is open to everyone interested in health equity and public health. We welcome public health professionals, community members and community-based organizations, patients, providers, faith-based organizations, health plans and health centers, public health officials, researchers and students.

    Let's come together to make a difference!

    Visit the RIPHA SUMMIT 2024 website to see the most updated information.

Past events

9 Nov 2023 “Barriers to Engaging Communities on Cancer Screening”
2 Nov 2023 27th Annual Meeting of the RI Public Health Association
3 May 2023 “Breast Cancer Screening Disparities in Central Providence” and "Cervical Cancer and Screening Disparities"
17 Apr 2023 Inaugural Public Health Summit: Health Equity and Chronic Diseases: Challenges and Interventions
24 Mar 2023 2023 Rhode Island Dentistry Mini-Residency: Building the Oral Health Workforce
23 Mar 2023 Public Health Advocacy Workshop
15 Dec 2022 Public Health Advocacy Workshop
29 Nov 2022 Dental Health among Rhode Island Children and Adults
15 Nov 2022 26th Annual Meeting of the RI Public Health Association
12 Aug 2022 2022 Rhode Island Teledentistry Mini-Residency: Past, Present, & Future
4 Apr 2022 RIPHA Announces a Virtual Panel: Epidemiology and Using Evidence to Address Racism
2 Feb 2022 Risks and Benefits of E-Cigarette Flavors
8 Dec 2021 Public Health Advocacy Workshop
4 Nov 2021 The 25th Annual Meeting of the Rhode Island Public Health Association
30 Sep 2021 Tobacco Cessation Funding in Rhode Island and Homelessness and Smoking Cessation
3 Jun 2021 Covid-19 Vaccination: A Panel Discussion
1 Jun 2021 Evaluating Policing: The Importance Data Can Make in Policy and Policing
11 Apr 2021 A Special Event: Student Mental Health and the Pandemic
18 Dec 2020 Vaccination: A Panel Discussion
12 Nov 2020 RIPHA Annual Meeting 2020
10 Nov 2020 RIPHA Annual Student Event 2020
26 Feb 2020 RI State House Visit Feb 26
25 Feb 2020 RI State House Visit Feb. 25
4 Feb 2020 Public Health Advocacy Training
17 Oct 2019 The 22nd Annual Meeting of the Rhode Island Public Health Association "Public Health in the Community: Expanding the Focus"
7 Apr 2019 Last Day of National Public Health Week :(
5 Apr 2019 Public Health Career Panel (BROWN)
4 Apr 2019 Public Health Research Day (BROWN)
1 Apr 2019 Beginning of NPHW!
19 Feb 2019 Public Health Advocacy Training
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