COVID-19 and Testing in K-12 Learning

Will schools be the next source of COVID outbreaks?

You may have a COVID-19 prevention strategy for your school(s) that includes temperature taking and self reporting of symptoms. Your teachers and staff are vaccinated. Kids are eager to return to full-time in person learning. You are ready to start a “normal” school year and put this whole pandemic behind you.  However, the question that continues to linger…is this enough to protect your school(s) from a COVID-19 outbreak?

About 4 million kids under the age of 12 have tested positive for COVID. They represent nearly 14 percent of all new cases. [1]

Comprehensive K-12 coronavirus testing can be quickly implemented in schools and supported by government funds. With pooled sampling to keep costs more efficient, swabbing done quickly by students themselves, and prepaid return shipping to the testing facility, this program is designed to make in-school coronavirus testing an easy reality for students, educators and parents alike. To learn more about how to implement a coronavirus testing program, click here.

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