About RIPHA Chapter Clubs 

It's one thing to 'know' about an issue, but knowledge alone doesn't initiate change. Change is created through action. RIPHA chapter clubs go beyond simply discussing public health issues. Each club follows a 'project based' design. This means you decide what public health issues to address and then design and follow your own project that tackles the issue. 


"Advocate for, promote, and improve public health on campus and in the surrounding community." 

To accomplish this mission, four guiding goals are followed

Guiding Goals

Goal I - Fulfill the mission statement through                        a project based design

      Goal II - Advocate for public health on                                       campus, in the surrounding community, and in the region via an advocacy committee or project

      Goal III - Address relevant public health                                     news at meetings                                                  i. Discuss how to incorporate implications          of news into projects

      Goal IV - Adapt and progress as a club to                                   remain efficient, effective, and                                     relative 

Project Based Structure

A Four Step Process


 1. As a club, discuss relevant public health issues 

2. Choose which issue will be the basis of the project


1. Form a committee to oversee each project 

                       2. Collaborate with other clubs or organizations, when applicable to project

       3. The e-board and committee lead drafting of the "Project Plan" 

a. Each Project Plan includes: Topic, Rationale, Project Committee, Goals,      Objectives, Timeframe, and Implementation 

       4. Seeks jurisdiction/clearance from admin., when applicable to project

                       5. Obtain and prepare any necessary materials or services 



1. Carries out the project 


1. The project committee and e-board write a 'Project Report' 

a. Each Project Report includes: Sequence of Events, Strengths,                                                  Weaknesses, What Could be Better, and Future. 

2. The entire process from 'Design' to 'Terminate' repeats with a new public                                                       health issue 

Does My School Have a Chapter Club? 

 Current RIPHA Club Locations: 

-Brown University-

-Johnson and Wales University-

-Providence College- 

-Rodger Williams University-

  -University of Rhode Island-

RIPHA Public Health Clubs are relatively new, starting only in 2019 

We are working hard to bring RIPHA Clubs to every University in Rhode Island. If you have any interest in starting an RIPHA Club at your school see column to the right 


Information to Start a Chapter Club at Your School

            Example of RIPHA ChapteClub Constitution

Outline of RIPHA Chapter Project Plan

Outline of RIPHA Chapter Project Report

For any questions or concerns about this process or any other details, please reach out to RIPHA Student Representative Owen Manahan at the email below   


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